Light traction

Battery Series for Light Traction

The Light Traction line designed by SIA includes flat plate technology and are acid flooded. The grids used are very thick and with a mesh designed specifically to ensure maximum adhesion of the active material. These features allow to combine a high resistance to corrosion, together with a long durability in conditions of deep discharge. The electrode plates filled with high density active material and treated with targeted curing cycles are grouped into the battery elements through the use of a glass mat separator, with the aim of minimizing the mixing of the mixture during the service life .

Light Traction line

High cycles endurance in conditions of deep-discharge.

Plates with increased thickness; grids design, recipes and plates treatments for ensuring an optimum capacity retention during all the service life.

Special separator with Glass-mat for limiting the paste shedding of the active material.

The line produced is in GR27 format with flat lid or Euro Kamina one with handles, for having batteries suitable to different utilizations, including industrial floor cleaning machines, etc..

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