Car line

Car battery range

The Car Batteries range represents one of SIA’s major production strengths in terms of variety of models and types produced. In this range you can find the Standard series, the versions with sealed lid and the EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) models for applications with Start & Stop engines.

The expanded metal grids with three-dimensional knot, made of lead-calcium alloy, make the battery maintenance-free, with very slow self-discharge, and guarantee a high electrical power that can be supplied during its use over time.

SLI batteries for Automotive

The SLI line (Starting-Lighting-Ignition) for Automotive is studied for covering almost the whole applications in the market. The wide variety of models produced and the diversification of powers involved permit S.I.A.'s battery to be compliant to the utilizations of the customer.

The positive and the negative grids are produced with Lead-Calcium alloys and through expanded metal technology; in this way products are Maintenance free (very low water consumption and low self-discharge), and with strong and reliable properties.

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Sealed line MF

The sealed line is designed with Ca-Ca technology with low self-discharge and free of maintenance.

The lid is drawn for avoiding any electrolyte leakage or loss for evaporation: in fact, a particular "labyrinth" system (also called double-lid) allows a recondensation of vapors during battery utilization.

The gamma is equipped with charge/level indicators to make it easier to constantly check the state of the device in every moment.


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EFB for Start&Stop

EFB line is designed for satisfying the energy requests of new generation vehicles equipped with Start&Stop and regenerative breaking systems.

Thicker plates and special recipes, together with the special curing treatment, guarantee a strong cycles durability in partial state of charge conditions.

Moreover, plates are covered with a special pasting paper that allows to reduce drastically the paste shedding during battery service life.

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AGM for Start&Stop

Ideal for big vehicles equipped with Start&Stop system and high energy-demand equipment.

Designed to support operations in partial state-of-charge and to guarantee maximum safety without acid leaks.

Technology with adsorbent glass mat separator and immobilized acid; valve-regulated gas recombination system (VRLA)

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