Esploso Batteria

The technology of SIA batteries

The technology adopted by SIA for producing batteries provides the best solutions for guaranteeing the maximum performance to the customer. Casting and expanded metal grids, together with the choice of particular lead alloys (with calcium or with low antimony concentration) are thought with reference to the application of the client.

The laboratory of Research and Development and Design is searching the best compromise for reaching high level of quality and a good competitivity in the market scenario.

The attention is focused on each step of the process, every line works well studied and selected components, starting from the alloys, to the ingredients of paste recipes and on way to prepare them. The design of grids, of connections and, in general, all the project of a battery is widely studied and tested.

The attention in each production step and the extreme flexibility of the production are the strength of our Company. 

SLI batteries for Automotive
The SLI line ( Starting-Lighting-Ignition ) for Automotive is studied for covering almost the whole applications in the market. The wide variety of...
Sealed line MF
The sealed line is designed with Ca-Ca technology with low self-discharge and free of maintenance. The lid is drawn for avoiding any electrolyte...
EFB for Start&Stop
EFB line is designed for satisfying the energy requests of new generation vehicles equipped with Start&Stop and regenerative breaking systems. Thicker...
AGM for Start&Stop
Ideal for big vehicles equipped with Start&Stop system and high energy-demand equipment. Designed to support operations in partial state-of-charge and...
Batteries for Heavy Vehicles
Produced models: A, B, C, MAC 110, MAC 120, MAC 154, MAT 132. Also HD ( Heavy Duty ) models are available, produced with pastes with higher densities...
Light Traction line
High cycles endurance in conditions of deep-discharge. Plates with increased thickness; grids design, recipes and plates treatments for ensuring an...
Designed for covering the Asiatic gamma. A great variety of models are available. Ca-Ca technology for M aintenance Free models. Batteries with sealed...
Available in flooded versions and with immobilized acid ( AGM ). Batteries are sold with their own box and supplied with acid. Follow the User Manual...
Lawn and Garden/Small Engine line
The batteries are designed for lawn and garden applications, hobby and applications where low energy is required. Lead-Calcium technology for being...
SHD Super Heavy Duty
Flat lid screw flat-plugs with O-ring, double labyrinth and flame-arrestor Anti-vibration inserts Glass-mat separators for enhancing cycle-life

Product lines

Car line

The Car Batteries range represents one of SIA’s major production strengths in terms of variety of models and types produced. In this range you can...


The Truck line mounts Casting Technology plates with low-concentration Antimony Lead. It is well known that this technology is the best from the...

Light traction

The Light Traction line designed by SIA includes flat plate technology and are acid flooded. The grids used are very thick and with a mesh designed...

Japan Line

The line for installation on Japanese vehicles. All the series are supplied with a low self-discharge and are maintenance free.

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The Bike line is very rich and contains two different families of batteries: one with free acid (flooded) and one with immobilized acid (AGM). The...

Lawn & Garden

The batteries are designed for lawn and garden applications and in general for small engines. Models available can be supplied charged and ready to...

Take a look on our production process

R&D Laboratory
Production of lead oxide - Ball mills
Plates for Automotive application
Plates for Heavy Vehicles application
Assembly lines
Formation and battery finishing